• Our Approach

    • A succesful partnership requires an alignment of values and incentives. We focus considerable time and energy on getting this foundation solid.
    • Valuation: We will pay a valuation multiple that is commensurate with the scale and robustness of a medical practice (single practioner Vs multiple practioners), patient growth and the ability of


    • Terms: An upfront cash consideration (50%) with a combination of shares and a convertible note (8.8% coupon) issued by Platinum Health for the remaining 50% of the purchase.


    • Benefits:

    A seller benefits from de-risking their personal wealth with an upfront cash payment and has the opportunity to make considerably more via a liquid, growing financial asset.


    Gain financial stability, reduce administrative tasks, and access advanced resources

    From back of office management, insurance, legal, marketing and finance; we enable our clinical partners to achieve their personal goals by focusing on their unique talents.